Cremora Tart

Cremora Tart

It’s not inside, it’s onnnnnnn top!

~ Cremora TV advert ~


If you are South African, you might have grown up watching a TV advert for non-dairy creamer called Cremora. Husband is preparing his coffee and searches the whole fridge, only to shout out to Wife “Anne, there’s no Cremora in the refrigerator!” and she calls back: “It’s not inside, it’s on top!” Many people in South Africa has at some point said “It’s not inside, it’s onnnnn top!” – it’s such a handy phrase. And Cremora is a very handy ingredient. In the days before long-life milk, people took Cremora on hikes and holidays instead of fresh milk. Later it just became a nice add-in to make your coffee creamy and extra tasty. But I have spent the last decade ignoring recipes for Cremora Tart which I have seen many times in magazines and on social media. To my disadvantage, unfortunately!


Made in the USA

About a year ago I started following a social media account called Emmymade on Facebook. The American creator, Emmy Cho, makes videos about things food-related. The first video I watched was her trying 40-year old military ration packs. Emmy has a fantastic style and tastes everything she makes. She likes trying out food and recipes from other parts of the world. I am amazed by how brave she is! She has tried out stinky Noni fruit, weird concoctions like Cotton Candy Mac & Cheese and delicacies like Mopane worms! I am a bit embarrassed that it took Emmy trying out our own South African Cremora Tart to open my eyes to this recipe! But I am glad I tried it and I will never pull my nose up to it again!


Cremora Tart


No-bake, non-dairy cheesecake?

Emmy’s video of how you make Cremora Tart is definitely worth the watch. And the Cremora Tart is delicious to eat! It is an old fashioned fridge tart type dessert. But as you know from my Retro Custard recipe, I am not scared of old fashioned food! The best part is that you can make it with pantry staples (if Cremora is something you keep in the pantry). And it is quick to make and almost impossible to flop. If you have a whisk and a fridge you can make this very attractive looking and delicious tasting tart! Cremora Tart doesn’t actually taste like Cremora, but very nearly like cheesecake. What’s not to like? Time to start buying some Cremora! And just to be clear… if you’re looking in the fridge:  it’s not inside, it’s on top!





Cremora Tart

No-bake dessert using non-dairy coffee creamer, condensed milk and lemon juice.
Prep Time20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: South African
Keyword: Cremora Tart, Fridge tart, No-bake dessert
Servings: 8
Author: Emmymade


Biscuit Base

  • 1 packet Tennis biscuits, crushed see note
  • 4 tbsp butter, melted I used 6 tablespoons of butter as I like a firmer base


  • 250 g Cremora Or another non-dairy creamer
  • 125 ml cold water
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 125 ml lemon juice fresh or bottled


Biscuit Base

  • Mix the crushed biscuits and melted butter and press down into a 22cm tart dish or spring-form tin. Refrigerate while making the filling.


  • Whisk the Cremora and the cold water together until all lumps have disappeared.
  • Add the condensed milk and mix well.
  • Add the lemon juice incrementally and whisk well after each addition. The filling thickens the more lemon juice you add.
  • Pour the filling onto the biscuit base and refrigerate for at least one hour or overnight.


  • Tennis biscuits are very South African and give the tart that familiar, coconut taste. Feel free to use other biscuits you like though.
  • I reserve about two tablespoons of the base crumbs to sprinkle on top.
  • The recipe can be made with bottled lemon juice. If you have fresh lemons at hand you can juice and zest two lemons and add some zest to the tart when adding the lemon juice.
  • I also added a pinch of lemon zest to the crumbs I reserved for the topping.
  • !Vegan alternative! Use vegan biscuits such as Nairn's Coconut & Chia Oat Biscuits or Oreos for your base mixed with vegan margarine or Flora Plant Butter. The Cremora is already non-dairy and vegan, so all that is left is replacing the condensed milk with something like Nature's Charm Sweetened Oat Condensed Milk. I have tried this and it works perfectly well.


  1. Hi, the tart tastes amazing, I left it in the fridge overnight but it is not setting, still very runny, did I have to use a heldheld whisk or an electric one to get it thicker before putting in the fridge?

    • Hi Tyla, I have always just used a normal balloon whisk, but I am sure trying an electrical one won’t hurt. Another suggestion is to maybe add less water when mixing the Cremora and water (maybe try only using 100ml). The water has to be cold and it has to be a non-dairy creamer, not just milk powder. If that still doesn’t work you can always try to add a little bit of lemon-flavoured jelly. Dissolve the lemon jelly powder in half a cup of hot water and let it cool down before adding. Your filling will then be very runny when pouring into the crust, but the gelatine in the jelly will help it set. Hope that helps!

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