About Melby’s Post

Melanie Blignaut author Melby's PostHi, my name is Melanie. I have been cooking and baking for a few decades now and I finally have the time to share some of my own and some of my favourite recipes with the world.

Coming from a family of excellent home cooks and a grandmother who was the star baker in the community, I have always been at my happiest when I can create delicious food. I love cooking and even though I sometimes start out “just not feeling like cooking” around supper time, I often end up turning every-day meals into something more than meat and two vegetables.

This blog is an attempt to share some of my old standby recipes, my own new ideas and some of my favourite recipes from blogs, websites, friends and family.

Why Melby’s Post? I am Melanie Blignaut → Mel B → Melby….. and these are my posts! (My husband also thought it sounded a bit like “Melba Toast” :D)

“You have to give me this recipe!”

We all have that recipe or two that we have made over and over again to great acclaim. These recipes are often handed down from family members or friends and are usually the ones that you share with new friends most often. In my case, this is my Apple Cake recipe. The Apple Cake recipe did not have any author credited as it was written down by hand by my mother in her recipe scrapbook. Nowadays we are lucky that we can just Pin or save blog posts, recipe websites and Instagram recipe videos, but at the same time, the sheer number of these recipe blogs and channels are just staggering!

But there are SO many!

If you search Pinterest for something basic, you are likely to find hundreds of recipes. So I was thinking I could share some of the recipes that I have tried and tested (and sometimes edited). There are recipes like my dear old Apple Cake where I can only credit my mother for writing it down years ago, and then there are the recipes I have found in cookbooks, recipe blogs and chef websites that have become family favourites. These I can not only credit the authors but also praise their genius for creating these very special recipes.